Ennglish Channel / La Manche

FRANCE! How crazy it is that we look at this line from our British coast and say: ‘Ah FRANCE- look, there’s France!’ And yet it is but a line. A line. Hard to see at that. Can you see it? It made me giggle.Do the French think their country is that line on the horizon? or do they think France to be other? Isn’t it a bit absurd? a line means a country and yet if we were there the line would not be. The same as any border. That imaginary or visible line. It is truly all perception. Yet the fact I can see that line means we are linked, just as they might see our white cliffs or… perceive drunken football hooligans as ‘England’… Nobody can see anything in exactly the same way. And nobody can see outside of themselves and then say they have no connection. So here is to France ahoy, Europe, the USA today in particular and the world finding more peace, health and good heart. Long live no lines. Long live the perception of a unified interdependence benefitting all!