Are you looking for happiness?

Caroline Latham, intuitive therapist, healer and author, offers ‘Psychology of Interdependence’ to reach the unconscious to improve the quality of your life.

Caroline’s entire professional career has been dedicated to helping people clear negative patterns, often unconscious ones and develop inner mindful resources that will enable more well-being and success. Caroline has trained in many psychological models, her greatest training studying Tibetan Buddhism on a part-time retreat for the last eighteen years. Combining her accrued knowledge and expertise over nearly thirty years of clinical practice the work has become her own, labelled ‘Psychology of Interdependence’ or ‘Common Sense Therapy’ the title of her third book. She believes it has become a most effective way to turn psychological or emotional conflicts and unhelpful habits into positive ones. In the United Kingdom, but also internationally, Caroline has worked successfully with thousands of people and has shared mindfulness and meditation techniques to maximise the functioning of the mind. She is also an energy healer- her first book on this subject still in print in Germany after eighteen years.


Consultations available by appointment in London, Kent and around the world via Skype.