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Compassion (Sheldon Mindfulness)

Caroline’s latest book – in this wise and warm book, rooted in nearly thirty years of clinical practice, Caroline says that compassion is the route to freedom.

Compassion is the foundation for happiness for ourselves and others. It is the root of inner healing when we’re struggling. Sheldon Mindfulness: Compassion is a common-sense guide as to how mindful compassion can ease emotional pain and build better relationships, and how difficult emotions can be used as fodder for transformation.

“I find this book spiritually haunting. It has a universality and conveys deeply that death does not exist, and that life is the last word. Deep in its structure is a feeling of limitless happiness. The whole book is a real voyage of discovery. I cannot recommend it highly enough”

Brian Blessed, film and television actor

Compassion is an offering from a therapist who, for three decades, has sought the integration of her psychological insights with Buddhist-derived contemplative practices. For anyone who is interested in deepening their experience of mindfulness and compassion, I recommend this slim volume as an excellent, easy-to-use guide.”

Thubten Jinpa, principal English translator to the Dalai Lama and the author of A Fearless Heart: How compassion is key to our wellbeing

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Common Sense Therapy

Caroline’s third book helps you heal your life with practical, easy-to-follow advice that includes the inner wisdom we all already have but may have forgotten.

Written in plain English, this book was originally published as an e-book on this website and is now also available from Amazon.

For more details of Common Sense Therapy and how to buy it, please follow this link – Common Sense Therapy.

Gargantua Now

by “Rabelaise”

Caroline’s second book, Gargantua Now, is a parody of the original Gargantua, by Francois Rabelais, one of the most influential works in the Western literary canon. It tells of a giant visiting l’Undone today and transforming the l’Undone Eye (I)…

Both a parody and a riddling comedy, it is a story of magical reality, starting with the birth and education of the giant Gargantua and ending with a philospophical and psychological commentary on existence. It asks: what is wisdom? And points to the truth beyond labels.

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The Heart of Healing
Body, Mind and Spirit

Caroline’s first book. Simplicity and modesty are the key-notes of this book. Even a master healer is likely to find within it gems and insights to remind him of what he knows. For those who would like to heal but do not know where to start, it is quite invaluable.

It is full of practical help and inspiration to stay the course. It is quiet-in-the-mind healing. And is there anyone who would not like to be able to heal themselves, their children or loved ones?

The English edition of this book is out of print, but used copies may be available.

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The German edition of this book, “Du bist ein Heiler”, is published by Random House.

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