Every addict has a great heart

Alongside her other projects, Caroline has worked in the field of addiction for several years, in a private rehab clinic.
She fervently believes that every addict has a great heart and great sensitivity, masked by their particularly crippling, but not irreversible problem.
After the death of her brother from cirrhosis of the liver, she wanted to offer addicts and their families the opportunity to contribute to a fund designed to provide the direct opposite to addiction and the addict’s predilection for heading in a ‘death direction’.
It is considered extremely beneficial to free live animals. This could include releasing lobsters and crabs to the ocean or worms previously destined for fishing bait into your compost.
It is an exhilarating thing to do. It involves minor hardship, averts death, prolongs and saves lives and is said to increase prosperity. It is also something practical to do when families can feel so very helpless as bystanders to their relatives’ particular predilection.
If you would like to contribute to this fund to help or remember a relative, and accrue good merit, please feel free to donate to www.songtsen.org in particular the KRF FUND and mark the contribution ‘for freeing lives’.