We need to get rid of mental toxins and at the same time to cultivate states of mind that contribute to emotional balance and ensure the optimal flourishing of a truly healthy mind.

Matthieu Ricard

It is not that we have so little time but that we waste so much of it.


Remember that a thought is only the fleeting conjunction of myriad factors and circumstances. It does not exist by itself.

Khyentse Rinpoche

Caroline is a unique, incredibly special person, who has the gift of great compassion coupled with innate intuition. She has the ability to get straight to the core of the problem whatever that may be.
She has helped me immeasurably, always with care and understanding. My gratitude knows no bounds.

Abigail, charity wonder woman, Oxon

Caroline takes an intuitive approach to therapy that can crack the hardest nuts. I like her warmth and her compassion. She’s deeply spiritual but at the same time never loses her sure footing.

Max Zoettl, Consultant Psychiatrist

With care, wisdom and compassion, Caroline wields a white-hot laser to the truth – and, however painful, it is the truth that is important, and the gentleness of her empathy once there.
In a group situation, she draws everyone together, even the most reluctant: she creates a spontaneous one-day support group, each for the other.

Graham, business director, Antipodes & UK

I’m spreading the word that you’re the “English Deepak”

Christopher, scriptwriter, USA & UK

I found the workshop very useful… your point about scoring on the emotional stuff as opposed to another type of drug was very interesting to me. Mini light bulb moment.

Rita, property renovator in recovery, Surrey

Thank you for the afternoon. It was magic but then that is what I know you will bring. I really admire your skills and your great intellect. You are a marvellous therapist and I am where I am with R. thanks to you.

Do, PR executive, Herefordshire

I think of you often and thank you for the life changing encounter I have had and continue to have with you.

Hillary, creative businesswoman, France

Thank you for being you and allowing me to be me whilst challenging my distorted beliefs and providing a nurturing arena in which to express myself.

Tracey, counsellor, London

Your style is excellent: you are able to hold the group’s attention for a sustained period and I am amazed you were able to take the whole group through a meditation exercise without a murmur from any of the students…

Paul Luxmoore, head teacher, leading Kent school

Caroline’s thinking and practice is a powerful way to help people rid themselves of approaches and assumptions that hold them back from maximising their performance and being all they could be. I am sure that her work is of great benefit and advantage within the corporate world.

James Essinger, business consultant and writer

I was in a very dark place. It took some courage, but in going with the processes you suggested, I released a lot of pain and have never again gone back to the dark, lost, nihilistic place I was in before. You directed the session seemingly ‘off-the-cuff’, pure instinct at work, pure love in intention. An inspiration. Thank you

Emily, musician, London

The most precious part was that you encouraged me to search my soul… I took the advice you gave me to ‘let go of pain and let in love’. My husband and I are back together again. Thank you.

S., client

Caroline is an angel. Going to one of Caroline’s sessions changed my life. First, finding it in me to open up and talk about my most personal problems was a big step. Caroline is a skilled listener but she also has empathic abilities which helped me to cut through the waffle and get to the heart of my problem. Then the work itself was very hard work but it was also efficient and rapid. I could easily have been in costly therapy for years. Seeking Caroline’s help saved me a lot of time and money as well as heartache. The biggest revelation is that through this, I realised that the same energy that I was directing at making myself very ill could be used in a different way, and be directed at making myself better. Caroline offered the support,love and compassion to take me through difficult steps and I am immensely grateful.

Maryline, gardener, Kent

We got married in the painted room of The Mansion House at Howletts Wildlife Park . We had a civil ceremony but wanted to have some spiritual input to make it really special. We asked Caroline Latham to chant a Tibetan Buddhist Mantra at the end of the ceremony after the Registrar left the room (a legal requirement). Whilst we and our guests remained seated Caroline proceeded to dumbfound the assembly with her Tibetan chanting,which electrified the whole atmosphere of the room and left us all with lumps in our throats, holding back to tears of happiness engendered by the purity of the vibrations.
We have a truly magical experience to savour and remember for the rest of our lives.

Richard West (Weddings)

When my mother, Edna, died we were aware that she had wanted to have a spiritual and meaningful funeral but not a traditionally religious service with hymns etc. Having heard Caroline Latham read at a friend’s funeral we asked her if she would be prepared to conduct the funeral service for my mother. The service was very moving and deeply sincere. Caroline had taken the trouble to talk to us in depth about Edna and managed to capture the very essence of her during the service. It truly was a celebration of life and all who attended said that they felt uplifted. We smiled afterwards to think how much Edna would have loved it ! Beautiful, sincere, comforting and joyous.

Sally Lewis (Funerals)

It was almost as if it ‘straightened everything out’ without having to experience ‘busy-head’ syndrome!

Sarah, teacher, Sussex

Everything was imbued with a positive energy and I am changing with it. It is certainly something that I could not have accomplished without your guidance and kind thoughts.

Stuart, film technician, New Zealand

Just wanted to express my gratitude for helping me re-adjust my life. Nothing externally has altered but I am so much more balanced, that everything is looking half-full now! Thank you, Caroline.

Jill, executive, Kent

Reading Caroline’s book is like sitting down for a cup of tea, nestled into a cosy chair whilst a wise and wonderful great-aunt shares her depth of wisdom…

Denise Linn (of her book)

Thank you for your help in moving forward: For the first time in my life I have no debts and I reduced my working week which gives me time to do other things.

M., client

I feel you got more of an immediate grasp of (some!) of my deeper issues in just one session than traditional psychologists have managed to do in 10 sessions (they usually just listen, rarely speak, and then charge more for it). I like your style.

J., client, Surrey

Caroline is an exceptional person. I have attended her one day workshops for many years and from the moment I met Caroline I was aware of her special gifts. What a difference a day makes when spent at one of Caroline’s groups. Her vast experience, deep awareness and practical guidance get you right to the heart of the matter. Caroline’s work is life-changing and I feel enormously thankful and privileged to know her.

Lesley, Pharmacist