Portrait Photo of Caroline on a stormy beachAre you looking for happiness?

Caroline Latham, intuitive therapist, author and healer, offers Psychology of Interdependence to reach the unconscious and improve quality of life.
Caroline’s entire professional career has been dedicated to helping people clear negative patterns and develop inner mindful resources that enable more well-being and success.
Her strength lies in the ability to access the unconscious and get to the core of the issue.
Caroline has trained in many psychological models, her greatest training studying Tibetan Buddhism on a part-time retreat for the last twenty years.
Combining her accrued knowledge and expertise over thirty years of clinical practice the work has become her own ‘Common Sense Therapy’ the title of her third book.
She believes it has become a most

effective way to transform emotional conflicts and unhelpful habits into a positive.
In the United Kingdom and internationally, Caroline has worked successfully with thousands of people and has shared mindfulness and meditation techniques to maximise the functioning of the mind.
Her clientele is global, increasingly using Skype and Zoom, but also with clinics at Kailash, in St John’s Wood, London and in Kent.
Caroline has reached the peak of her career helping pop stars, major CEOs, royalty and whoever makes a connection, believing they are making that connection for a good reason.
Her sole motivation is to benefit as much as she is able.
She is also an energy healer- her first book on this subject still in print in Germany after twenty years.


Consultations via Skype and Zoom, or in person by appointment at the Kailash Centre in London and in Kent.



Consultations available by appointment in London, Kent and globally on Skype and Zoom.

“Caroline takes an intuitive approach to therapy that
can crack the hardest nuts. I like her warmth and her
compassion. She’s deeply spiritual but at the same
time never loses her sure footing.”

Max Zoettl, Consultant Psychiatrist

About Caroline’s Work

Caroline Latham has run a multitude of workshops both in the UK and internationally for over twenty years. She has appeared on radio and television and has much experience of public speaking.
She welcomes invitations to run workshops in Scandinavia, Russia, China and the Arab Emirates.

Consultations available on Skype and Zoom, or in person by appointment at the Kailash Centre in London and in Kent.

Caroline finds it very amusing telling people she has undergone brain tests at the Institute of Psychiatry. The reason? The tests show, incontrovertibly, the beneficial effect of long-term meditation. This is cutting-edge material and part of her deep interest in where science and spirituality meet.

Her major vocation in life is encouraging people to meditate on a daily basis and gauge the results for themselves.

Caroline offers a unique way to access the root of problems, often in the first session. With her strong intuition and experience and the client’s intention and willingness to feel better, deep levels of emotional pain, or unconscious blocks may be dissolved.

Every addict has a great heart. Alongside her other projects, Caroline has worked in the field of addiction for several years, in a private rehab clinic.

She fervently believes that every addict has a great heart and great sensitivity, masked by their particularly crippling, but not irreversible problem.

After the death of her brother from cirrhosis of the liver, she wanted to offer addicts and their families the opportunity to contribute to a fund designed to provide the direct opposite to addiction and the addict’s predilection for heading in a ‘death direction’.

It is considered extremely beneficial to free live animals. This could include releasing lobsters and crabs to the ocean or worms previously destined for fishing bait into your compost.

It is an exhilarating thing to do. It involves minor hardship, averts death, prolongs and saves lives and is said to increase prosperity. It is also something practical to do when families can feel so very helpless as bystanders to their relatives’ particular predilection.

If you would like to contribute to this fund to help or remember a relative, and accrue good merit, please feel free to donate to www.songtsen.org in particular the KRF FUND and mark the contribution ‘for freeing lives’.

Caroline has for many years offered an alternative to formal ‘marriage guidance counselling’, allowing couples to become conscious of negative patterns and ‘irritating habits that drive you mad’ and to take steps forward into more creative partnership. ‘Love is wishing the other person to be happy.’

Businesses, Schools and Groups
Offering tailor-made workshops on subjects ranging from ‘Mindfulness’,‘Success’, ‘Happiness’, ‘No more Problems’, ‘More calm, more effective’, ’Be your own Therapist’ Caroline introduces a training in developing the inner tools for true happiness by helping to identify the mental states that are conducive to well-being and those that destroy it. More and more scientific proof abounds of the powerful effect on reducing blood pressure and stress levels. At ease and less busy-ness can mean less absenteeism, better health, higher success rates, more interdependence and, of course, more happiness.

Space Clearing
Caroline possesses one of the most powerful space clearing bells in existence with the purest quality of sound. Only 30 such bells were ever made and allowed out of Bali and she feels deeply honoured to have received one… please refer to Karen Kingston: “Clearing Sacred Space with Feng Shui”. If you would like your space cleared of negativity, please get in touch.

Often three sessions are sufficient to clear teenage blues.